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2 in 1 Sealing and Shrinking Machine-SJFM3028

Product Description

Shrinking machine SJFM series of 2 in 1 shrink machine use Italy technology, fast heating, combine sealing and shrinking, PVC, POF film is available, widely use in food, printing, artware field, best for supermarket and factory.



Model No.: SJFM-3028

Voltage: 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz

Max packing size: 300*280*50mm/450*350*100mm/550*400*150mm/555*400*150mm

Shrink speed: 1-5p/m/1-5p/m /1-5p/m /1-5p/m

Dimension: 950*600*120mm/1300*780*800mm/1450*830*750mm/1470*900*850mm

Weight: 100kgs/120kgs/130kgs/140kgs

  • Category: Heat Shrink Sealing and Cutting Machine
  • Product Code: 2 in 1 Sealing and Shrinking Machine-SJFM3028